get A Pet Portrait

Your valued pets proceed to produce a variation to the lives and are becoming part of our lives. Over a website, (Sarge has become more than, I find among my portraits someplace, typically from time to time one person’s avatar without my approval!) as well as in instances that way, I usually inform them it’s my artwork, and I support the copyright to it, and I am fine together applying it as long as they credit me with it plus a link back again to my Pet Portraits website.

I’ll be doing demonstrations all-day of my dog portrait painting from 10 to 4, at Camp Bow Wow in NE Philadelphia on Thursday, May 30, 2015. Quit by! Dog photos are painted by me in oils and colored pad, residence photos in watercolor and ink, and whatever else that draws my eye! One advantage Etsy has is the fact that I’ve Etsy minis attached with site and my sites, while I will aim my unique artwork at Ebay, I think.

I generally paint home and dog photographs, but I’d a demand to paint a replica of this renowned National heritage artwork, Emmanuel Leutze’s Washington Crossing the Delaware with tailored particulars, sofa sized, leading me to offer any issue from photographs, any measurement! That one does not have any animals, but I typically contain little puppy photos either looking the screen or in the front yard.

But I found a copy of this painting where I market, by some dude who only decided to start painting dog photos after not painting since high-school 20 years before. I recently began buying Christmas items, and Handmade at Amazon and now I want to acquire up to I will from Etsy. My last post was about how the Etsy Boards were being abandoned by me, and for good reason.

On the webpage, (Sarge is becoming greater than, I find one among my pictures someplace, usually from time to time one person’s character without my authorization!) as well as in instances like pet memorial that, I generally let them know itis my painting, and I hold the trademark to it, and I’m great together employing it as long as they credit me with it plus a link back again to my Pet Photos website.


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